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About the Essene Retreat Center

About: Headliner

Elizabeth Crandall

Executive Director

Living a Spiritually Awakened Life

The American Universalist Temple of Divine Wisdom is a modern day Essene Retreat Center located in Prayers for Peace Park, Valley Center, California. Developed in 1967, this Mission stems from the Ancient Order of Essenes who was one of the 12 Ancient Orders of Shepherd Kings and were recognized as the Scribes of the Sanhedrin. To this day, we are committed to compiling and teaching Divine Wisdom found in all the Great Religions of the world.  


Our chapel is dedicated to The Christ, the Divine position from which emanates pure energy of Love, Understanding and Wisdom. In turn, our love for God All Good pours forth in a rainbow of inspiration and hope. Each of us has the potential for clairvoyance and channeling Ascended Masters and Divine Intelligence to enhance life and our relationships. Everything is relationship: Nature, the Elements, people, sentient beings, -even creation, we have a relationship with what we create. Everything Evolves. 


We are dedicated to learning and mastering a God-aligned spiritual way of life to increase the power and intensity of the purest essence of Light and Love vibration.  


We are here to expand our capacity: 

Physically, through wholesome living such as diet and exercise 

Mentally, through learning and teaching 

Emotionally, through self awareness and self control  

Spiritually, through Light and Love Radiation 


We are here for soul freedom: 

To improve the condition of our Being 

To magnify Divine Light and Love 


We promote Peace through interfaith understanding and cooperation. 

We seek and practice inner peace through centering calm and love for God All Good. 

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